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What We Do

By combining the resources of our Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC’s) with a pool of private investors, Alta West Capital is able to offer flexible mortgage lending solutions for brokers and their clients. As a private company, we are governed by different legislation than traditionallenders. this allows us to offer a wide variety of lending solutions.

- First, second and third mortgages to 90% ltv
- Lending in AB, BC, MB and ON
- Business for self, challenged credit and low doc loans
- Amortization up to 40 years (interest only also available)
- Flexible requirements for income, debt servicing and credit score
- One or two year terms are available
- Flexible rate and fee combinations

We provide solutions for:
- Unverifiable income
- Challenged credit (i, n, r, sub 500 beacons)
- Current or recent bankruptcy/opd/consumer proposal
- Interim/Bridge financing
- Construction
- Revenue properties
- First time home buyers
- Quick funding


For the Entrepreneur
Whether your client is self-employed, has commission or tips based income, lives off rental income, is retired or simply lacks income; as an equity lender, Alta West Capital has solutions for the entrepreneurial client.

For those experiencing “life events”
Weddings, births, attending school, travel, divorce, job loss, medical emergency – sometimes everything in life goes to plan, sometimes it doesn’t. At Alta West we understand, and we’re there to help.

For those trapped by rules and regulations
It’s said that the only constant is change. Lenders, regulators, insurers; the rules keep changing. One day you are good to go, the next, financing has been cancelled leaving you stranded. With our solution-based products, we aren’t concerned with the past, we focus on the path to where you need to be.

For the broker who appreciates a partner
If you are looking for a lender who will look for reasons to do the deal – and will work with you to get the deal funded – then Alta West Capital is the lender for you.


Our Underwriting Focus

The five C’s of credit (Credit, Collateral, Capital, Capacity and Character) are common across most lenders. although all five C’s are important, at Alta West Capital we focus on Collateral, Capital and Capacity.

- What type of property is involved?
- Where is the property located?
- What is the quality of the property?

- What LTV is required?

- The borrowers ability to repay the loan


Top 5 Reasons to Work with Alta West Capital

1. Get your deal done
Alta West Capital has been lending to Canadians since 1991. Private lending is what we do. We understand private lending and private clients. Give your deal the best chance of funding by utilizing our expertise and services.

2. There is no “box”
We are flexible – whether it’s underwriting conditions, terms of the mortgage, rate or fee – we will work with you to structure the best deal for you and your client.

3. Get paid sooner
We have a flat organizational structure. decisions are made quickly and efficiently with commitments issued the same day in most cases. Broker fees are paid at the time of funding, so you get paid sooner.

4. Deal Direct
Alta West Capital is “the lender”. We are an investment fund manager and exempt market dealer for several mortgage investment Corporations as well as for a group of individual investors. this gives us control and flexibility with the lending decision. If we commit on a deal, we fund it.

5. Proven and trusted
As one of the longest standing private lenders in Canada, we have earned our stripes. Our corporate culture isn’t built on theory, it’s built on decades of experience. reputations are built over years, and people deal with those they trust. We invite you to try Alta West Capital.


What's Next?

*Subject to approved credit, income verification and meeting lending credit granting criteria. Applies to residential mortgages only and some conditions may apply. O.A.C., E.O.E All content is subject to change without notice.