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Alta West Capital is a privately owned company operating in Alberta since 1991. Our firm places investor's funds in loans by real estate located in Canada. Alta West Capital also provides opportunity for private investors to participate in our syndicated mortgages.

Our Investment Opportunities include:
- First Place Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
AWM Balanced Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
AWM Diversified Mortgage Investment Corporation (RRSP eligible)
Syndicated Mortgages


Investing in Mortgage Investment Corporation

How does a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) produce returns?

Our MICs are Canada Revenue Agency designated investment entities that allow a pre-tax interest dividend payout of its entire income annually. The MIC is a pooled fund that holds multiple mortgages for its investors. Interest income dividends are paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the MIC.

- The investor's money is pooled as a group and invested into many mortgages managed by Alta West Capital. 


Investing in Syndicated Mortgages

How does a Syndicated Mortgage yield a return for the investor?

Our investors are given the opportunity to invest directly on the individual mortgages. The investor can invest alone on a mortgage or he/she can be one of several investors on a mortgage. When there is more than one investor, the mortgage is classified as syndicated. The investment is then tied directly to the performance of that particular mortgage. The investor is paid once the borrower's payment is received and processed by Alta West Capital. Payments are processed once a month.

- Receive monthly payments
- Invest in specific mortgages of your choice
- Receive a prepayment penalty if the borrower pays out the loan early

Alta West Mortgage Capital Corporation is registered as an Exempt Market Dealer ("EMD"), Restricted Portfolio Manager ("RPM") and Investment Fund Manager ("IFM") in the province of Alberta. The frim is also registered in the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan as an EMD. This content is directed only to residents of those provinces. The information set out herein is for general information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation to purchase or sell securities. Important information regarding our MIC funds is set out in their respective Offering Memorandums which should be reviewed prior to investment. Please contact us for a copy of this document. 



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